Diamond Management Services LLP (DMS) focus primarily within the publication, marketing and product lifecycle sectors with solutions ranging from contact management to request management.

DMS offer a wide range of software to suit your business requirements. This software is semi-bespoke which means it can be customised to suit your existing suite of software (through implementing 3rd party application integration or adding custom functionality) and to vastly improve both internal or external processes thus reducing admin work and boosting productivity.

Our software includes built-in reporting tools resulting in visual data representation, which paired with complex yet user-friendly filtering aids in fast and accurate data retrieval. Using SQL enables huge storage potential coupled with strong data security for your peace of mind when handling vast quantities of both customer and company data.

Web application development

DMS specialise in rapid development of Web applications utilising the latest Microsoft® .NET technologies through our extensive knowledge of C# and SQL programming languages. Our full time development staff have numerous Microsoft qualifications ensuring we are using best-practice and up-to-date approaches when creating software. We believe in training our staff to give you the highest confidence in our abilities and to ensure we have an incredibly high attention to detail.

How we work

Creating bespoke software can take some time as we plan every aspect. Below is a guide of the steps involved from concept through to delivery:

  • Requirements - It is vital we establish the features and functionality of your desired product.
  • Design - The design is crucial in how users will interact with your software. This ensures we understand how you want your application to behave aesthetically.
  • Development - At this stage our development team will take all the design and back-end requirements and build a working-prototype. This can be changed and changed again until it fits your requirements.
  • Testing - Once you feel the software matches your vision, we will test the software in-house to ensure all features are working and pass the software on to you to test before the next stage.
  • Deployment - The final stage is deployment for your use. At this stage we offer support services to ensure the software is running smoothly and that you are happy with your product.


DMS primarily use Microsoft® .NET technologies and SQL Server throughout their application development. Learn more ...